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Fans create their dream set list for your shows and turn it into a Spotify playlist. Capture name, email, geo-location, age, gender and Spotify listening data of each fan.


Engage your super fans

The ultimate way to engage your fans before a tour. Fans create their dream set list for your shows, engaging them and building excitement before the show.


Capture valuable first-party data

Set The Set gives you detailed insights into your fan base. Capture email, geo information, and Spotify data.


Activate with streams and sharing

Fans follow you on Spotify directly from your Set The Set campaign. Create the perfect moment to drive Spotify streams and social sharing.

Drive real results

Songs submitted
Spotify song saves

Gives you the opportunity to engage passionate fans in a new and different way while capturing first party data on concert attendees.

Jesse Atwell, Partner & Head of Marketing, Triple 8 Management

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